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      What better way to drive your current line-up of Eventide pedals than with a DriveFactor! Think of it… Long hours of labour intensive amp adjustments and settings in a more controlled environment, smaller form-factor like an EventideStompBox.

      A user could assign any type of drive via midi to all the other pedals while having the tone they've always wanted from the ground up. Instead of being a modeller type of pedal you could approach it from a different angle… Most people have their favourite amp for tone, but they'll always need a boost or lead type of "Gain Sweetener" if you will.

      Design a pedal with the right wave forms and filters that would create distortion, suggestions would include Pink Light, White Light, and other spectrums of light-sounds.
      Could even have it combined with a MidiFactor pedalboard with say 10 buttons, Backlit LCD screen with big letters, name your own presets, assign any combination of effects in conjunction with other pedals say 5 EventideStompBoxes and 4 of their own choices.

      Eventide is famous for its unique characteristic harmonizers and sounds, its the only company out there that has nailed down harmonization to a finite science for guitar period!
      To me Eventide products have a nice mystic about them, like "AREA 51" when you hear that you automatically become tantalized with visions of alien technology. I love it!!

      Other Suggestions Include:

      PsychFactor (The weirdest sounding pedal ever)

      MidiFactor (Control all your pedals at once)

      DriveFactor (Custom Distortion)

      StringFactor (Orchestral Strings, synth sounds anyone?)

      SynthFactor (strictly analogue synth sounds)


      (a pedal that uses samples that can be imported into a StompBox
      and used with other sound mangling effects… This would appeal to DJ's and guitar players
      alike. Another can of worms alltogether).

      Ofcourse these are just ideas, awaiting their own realities. (in my mind hehe).


      Anton Zedd

      – "Without deviation, we can not have progress…"

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      Wow! All fantastic ideas! DriveFactor would definitely be cool of it could eliminate a plethora of distortion, fuzz, boost, overdrive pedals but that is a tall order. No modeling pedal I've heard to date can accurately do that without sounding a bit fake. I think it would really need to have some type of real booster-buffer-overdrive in it to really slam the front end of an amp to work effectively along with the patches.

      MidiFactor awesome as are all the rest yo mentioned. I'd buy one each!

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      yes i think eventide will be looking closely at tc electronic and there upcoming release of the nova drive . def a very relevant idea for any company never mind eventide to put out a quality overdrive boost pedal not so sure about distortion pedals mind you .

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      I had one of their Nova Delay pedals and it sounded so weak and thin and almost unnoticable live at loud volume, with so little to tweak that I shipped it back and exchanged if for a TimeFactor and glad I did. The Nova System looks amazing though and if Vai uses one it must be ok I'm thinking but that last experience left a bad taste for me.

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       like the idea of the stringfactor, would be nice if that was part of the synthfactor.

      as for drivefactor, hmmm digital distortion not sure if I would be all over that one, but then eventide can do the most magical things… prhaps they could pull this off Smile

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      the nova delay is actually a decent sounding pedal but the tone suck is a big issue with it.

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      I tried using mine for singing but I could hardly tell if it was on or off.

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