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      I love my PitchFactor and Space.  I thank Eventide for the ongoing support with their updates.  However, sooner or later, the architecture of the units will be come outdated and new Factor pedals with even more processing power will be developed.

      I decided to start this thread so that we can ask for what we feel should be in the next version of Factor Pedals. 

      For starters I would love all the pedals to have four(maybe even five) footswitches instead of three.  This would allow, for example, a switch where you can go down through the presets as well as up on the PitchFactor.

      A bigger display so that more information on expression pedal and hot switch setting is displayed when more than one parameter is being controled.

      These two suggestions would mean the pedals would be bigger(maybe two inces wider to accomodate the extra footswitch)  This could allow extra space on the back for adding a second Aux switch and expression pedal.

      A another function would be to add user presets to the factor pedals.  The factory presets could include blank presets where you can build your own so that you don't have to overwrite any of the other factory presets when you creat one.

      For the Pitchfactor 2, I would love it to have the ability to do eight voice inteligent harmonies, as well as having User definably scales.  I would also love to add user definable Arpeggios and user definable rhythms for the HarPeggiator.

      For the Space 2 I would like to add a Chamber Reverb to go along with the Hall and Room.

      I don't have a TimeFactor or ModFactor yet so I really can't add anything for them but I would love to be able to run a chorus, phase shifter and flanger at the same time on a ModFactor 2.

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      hi there,

      we already started a thread on this sort of thing …ideas thread..


      probably easier for us and eventide if we keep the ideas in the same thread.

      some great ideas, come and join in on the conversation.!!


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      Sorry bout that.

      I'll add these ideas to that thread

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      not a problem at all, you have some good suggestions and they would be better in the main thread so they don't get missed.

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