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      Sorry if this has come up but I can't find it using "search"…

      BYPASS – what does it really mean?

      OK, I do not mean (necessarily) the SYSTEM setting (RELAY, DSP etc.) but the ACTIVE / BYPASS setting on the actual pedal – the one that switches the Effect ON and OFF.

      Here are 2 scenarios which suggest different things…

      1. I am in SPACE with the preset in BYPASS. I play a note. Then I switch the preset to ACTIVE and… hey! I hear a reverb tail from what I played when the preset was bypassed! Funny, I thought Bypass means Bypass, so the front door (i.e. the INPUT) should be closed, no? It seems not.
      2. Similarly (but different) I am in TimeFactor and I am in Vintage delay and I create resonance using the Fbk controls and this continues even with TF in BYPASS < and with SPILL set to OFF>. This means that the back door (i.e. the OUTPUT) is in fact also open (NB: this is regardless of SPILL setting).

      I am confused. What is with "bypass" and "active"? It seems to me that if I play something "dry" (i.e. with the preset in Bypass) and switch on an effect on the stompbox there should be no pre-SPILL (so to speak) and the tail shoudl only happen *after* I have switched the preset to ACTIVE – because it is a tail (which is always afterwards). That is to say, I want to switch on a pedal and for the Effect works from the moment I start playing i.e. while the preset is ON, and not have random hangovers from a previous part I played (which does not need/want any Effect) when the preset is OFF. That way I can get clear changes between musical parts.

      If anyone can guide me to the discussion on this I would be very grateful. It may be that I am tangled up here in my head but there does seem to be something weird about this bypass and there could be a different way of seeing it? Or not…

      Thanks in advance,



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      Does this happen with all bypass types?  i wouldn't expect to see that happen on the true bypass setting, but maybe on the others.

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      Eventide Staff

      Not so sure I understand what you're getting at here, and on top of that I believe you're confusing spillover with bypass. Spillover is for when you're changing from one preset to another, it allows tails instead of an immediate cutoff. Spillover has no bearing on bypass states. 

      It seems to me like your pedal is operating as expected. What you are experiencing is the bypass setting you're using: DSP, Relay, or DSP+FX. The state of the pedal and how it's running the algorithm with input/output as a function of the bypass/active switch is directly related to THESE settings, NOT spillover. Each is explained in-depth in the manual.

      It sounds to me like you want to switch to relay bypass. 

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      Sounds like the OP has played something dry, then stomped on active. The guitar is still outputting a signal and its that signal that is having an effect applied. If the case I couldn't imagine how you get around that. 

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      thanks for the suggestions

      I am away from my pedalboard but I am sure this is not a SPILL issue.

      As per the origina post, I was able to get audio out of a TF even when the pedal is bypassed and there are no "tails".

      Hence the question – what exactly happens when you hit the BYP / ACT switch? Is there a simple explanation – or is it different for different algorithms?



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      Eventide Staff

      Like I said, it's all explained in the user manual, check page 32 for details. 

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      Thanks for your reply.

      I am now back in front of my pedal and now now see that BYPASS and SPILL are 2 very different things, basically that any SPILL (which results from audio effected within the algorithm) is different to any resonance generated from within the algorithm itself.

      Sorry for any confusion, a lot of which was caused by what I suspect may have been issues between FactorLIb and my MIDI CC settings.


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      Any advise on how to achieve the following scenario would be greatly appreciated. 

      1. Play guitar while Space is Bypassed
      2. Activate Space, play guitar, tails ARE NOT heard from what was played during Bypass
      3. Play guitar while Space is Active
      4. Bypass Space, play guitar, tails ARE heard from what was played during Active

      Space is the only pedal on my board that does not follow the logic above.

      Based on the manual and testing it seems like I'm wanting a combination of Relay for steps 1&2, and DSP+FX for 3&4. I am quite certain these two globals cannot be active simultaneously. 

      So what gives? What am I missing?


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