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      i'm running into a lot of red light with my space in the fx loop of my ac30cc when i engage fuzz.

      the loop was set to -10db whilst the space set to inst/amp. what level is inst/amp vs line level on the space? I'm getting conflicting info as the ac30 manual calls -10 instrument level and +4 line level, whilst other sources say both are line level.

      Would be useful to know whether the space is -10 or +4 on line level as i don't really understand most of this. 

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      Unfortunately terms like line level are not very well defined – do they mean peak level, or nominal level or what ? For this reason, your question is hard to answer.

      My guess is that if the red lights on the Space are too visible, you should set the switches to line level rather that guitar level.

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      I think this is fine for now. 

      I just wondered as everywhere there is a standard -10/+4 and they must refer to something universal. 

      doesn't mention peak or nominal this in the manual for ac30, but i see -10/+4 everywhere checking this on wiki it refers to nominal. But what is the space in regards to this reference?

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