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      I have just given a board with 11 Strymon pedals along with a few choice other’s on it. My daughter came to town and left with the board. Funny how that works even when the kid is 28. Here is my question. I have three H9’s, an Xotic EP boost, JHS Muffuletta Fuzz, Keeley C4 compressor and a Lazy J Cruiser Duece (this is one I really love), a Mission volume and a Mission WAH. I have all the gear I need to setup a strong MIDI system. With the number of pedals I have, should I be using MIDI. Most of my gigs are solo in limited space in the Florida Key’s. I use many backing tracks as accompaniments I just have not had an opportunity i to explore MIDI capabilities. Also, if you were me, would you keep the Lazy J Cruiser, it’s always my expirience that people will naturraly gravitate to what they know and I know that pedal well. Thank you in advance for your recommendations and suggestions.



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      Small world.  I’m as far south as you can go on the mainland, and head to The Keys most every weekend.  Gilbert’s, to around Hog’s Heaven, or Islamorada Fish Company / Morada Bay area, usually.  Occasionally further, like when ‘Irma’ came to town.  I also have 3 H9’s on the ‘board, under MIDI control.

      You can mine MIDI to great depths, or keep it simple.  What are you picturing?  Maybe preset control switching only, with all the MIDI-capable devices?  External loop switching, over the non-MIDI drive / distortion pedals?  Individual parameter control, continuously variable, under an expression pedal sweep?  Your answers will help to narrow down the recommendations

      There are a ton of options out there now – simple to complex; relatively cheap to expensive.  I’d suggest a relatively simple approach to start, and a device with the capabilities to expand as your MIDI knowledge does.  And I know what you mean about the venue space, so compact is a priority.

      Nice “second” ‘board.  But hey, your ‘baby girl’ is always going to be your baby girl.  I can’t really speak to your drive / distortion choices, from personal experience.  The Keeley has no pedal match.  I will say that a good analog or two makes perfect sense in this local market.  I drifted away from being a real purist, as digital distortion is getting so much better now (for my purposes).

      But with 3 H9’s … you can cover most any sound or configuration that you can dream up.  Under MIDI control, the sky is the limit.  I run a small rack, big ‘board, stereo amps / FRFR, complex control, and I lug around an FCB-1010 alongside the pedalboard.  Not something I’d push on anyone else, but it works for me.

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      Hi I own an Eventide Eclipse v4.0 and an H9 Max. Is there a way to load some of the sounds from the H9, which include the ModFactor, TimeFactor, PitchFactor, and Space, onto the Eclipse? Perhaps through MIDI?? 

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