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      Hello Italo,

      Probably a very simple question. 

      At the moment I am working on some new patches with the latest VSIG version. I am mostly working in the graffic mode. When I double click a module, the specifier display does not open. Other aplications using a double click do work. What am I doing wrong?? I use VSIG on a two monitor computer setup.

       I can work around it using the text mode, but I find the graffic mode more intuitive to work with. Any ideas??

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       Hi Harrie

      I assume you refer to Vsig V2.4.9.1.

      I have no problems at all like the ones you describe; working w/2 monitors here too.

      Maybe the module specifier opens somewhere in your displays setup, as a very small window that needs resizing (and maybe relocating on a desired monitor)?

      In any case close Vsig and erase the VSIGFILE.ini file in the Windows directory. This should fix everything.

      Let me know.

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      Thank you for your fast responce. I'll try that.

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      Deleting the vsigfile.ini did the trick. Thanks again…. Back to building new patches….

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