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      Magnus AD

      Hey everyone.

      I am building a small rack and have run into a question about where to place the ModFactor.

      I am using the folloing setup currently:

      Guitar -> Decimator Chan 1 -> OD -> Mesa Boogie Mark 5 IN -> FX Send -> Decimator Chan 2 -> Modfactor -> TimeFactor -> FX Return -> M5 Reverb

      My questions are:

      1 – The ModFactor can be used before the Amp, or in the FX Loop, depending on what effect is being used.  I will use Wah and Phaser, but likely less than Chorus and Flanger, so I am leaning towards putting it in the FX Loop.  However, does experience show that it is worth trying to use the Phaser or Wah in the FX Loop?

      2 – I have read a lot of comments suggesting Delay should come second last, Reverb last in the chain.  However, the below post from 2009 states Mod after Time by an Eventide staff member:


      This is the only place I have really seen anyone suggesting an effect after the delay.  Maybe I missed something?

      I will be trying different setups in the coming days to see what sounds good to my ears.  Any insight or suggestions on the questions or my general setup would be appreciated.


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      Hi there,

      I followed the advice and used the chain that Eventide suggested when I was running the ModFactor and was very happy with the sound and placement of it. (I ran it last in the FX Loop) 

      seemed counter intuitive to me, but it worked very well.

      For me, I was using mainly the Rotary, Trem and undulator, and wah / Q Filters.

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      See my post further down in the thread you linked to, where I attempted to shed some light on this topic. It really does depend on the sort of sound that you want, and which specific mod effect we are dealing with, but generally  I much prefer mod after delay. I love the Modfactor concept but the down side of having all these effects in one box is that compromises have to be made re placement in relation to other boxes.

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      I personally run all of my factors through the effects loop…Modfactor obviously included.

      I have no complaints *whatsoever* and this is totally picking nits,  but I do think that Modfactor would be the one factor that would benefit by having two sets of inputs/outputs that were assignable to each program.  I realize that from a design and price standpoint this probably wouldn't be feasible, which is why it isn't there. But, it would have been a neat little bell and/or whistle. 

      Perhaps if the good people at Eventide decide, at some point, to come out with a "multi-factor" (as some here on the forum have requested) assignable inputs/outputs could be a consideration though…Just a thought. 

      Regardless…  Eventide products, IMHO, stand head and shoulders above anything else that's on the market today and sound amazing *wherever* you decide to put them in your signal path. 

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      Guess you can chalk me up as a "me too"… I've got the MF in the loop after both the PF and TF. I did put it before Space, though. While it's not the same as, say a Phase 90 in the front, it comes very close. Juft FYI, my chain goes like this… Send >> PF >> TF >> MF >> Space >> Return.

      IMHO, although it really does depend on the sound I'm going for, I almost always put modulation after delays. Otherwise, the delay tends to "smear" the modulation when the echoes start piling up (which is not always a bad thing). With the modulation after the delay, each repeat is modulated at the same time and in the same way, which tends to keep things a little cleaner or better defined.

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