Where is my serial number for the H3000 demo plugin?

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      Eventide or anybody with an answer,

      I requested (2) demo plugins. Blackhole & H3000. Got an email promptly that let me download them. Cool.

      Then it told me how to install it, step by step, but the first thing it said I needed was a serial number and product key, (2) things that I didn’t get, or couldn’t find anywhere.

      And so I kept looking for it, and grew frustrated at either my own oversight and not finding where it was provided, or for Eventide for giving me the download but not the means to activate it. (has to be my own oversight I’d still guess)

      But after reading through a bunch forum requests and replies, perhaps my serial number question is answered that Eventide personally (meaning like employees from Eventide who have to be in the office during 9 to 5 hours) have to send out emails with the cooresponding serial numbers on them. I’m not sure if this is the case, but it seemed that was the answer to some people on the forum. As in Eventide saying they “were out of the office that day” and couldn’t send things out?

      That just seemed strange becuase I’m used to downloading demos or purchases from other places and you get an email with all the info contained in it.

      Again, I could be wrong and I’m just looking in the wrong places for my (2) serial numbers to activate them..

      Just looking for some answers.

      Thanks !



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Murphy,

      Sorry for the confusion.  You don’t need a serial number for a demo. You're looking at the information on how to register a purchased plug-in. Please activate the license with the iLok License Manager, install the plug-in, and you'll be good to go!


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