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      I'm trying to set up Pedal Train PT-1.

      To do this I need the taller feet mentioned on the Cioks website and a couple of additional flex cables. Does anyone know where one can get them online or locally in the Hartford CT area?

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      To follow up my original post, here's what I found out.

      PedalShark.com carries the flex cables and the mounting kit. I contacted them via their website and their rep replied quickly via email. Although they didn't have the particular cables I was looking for in stock they are ordering them from Cioks. I'm very pleased with their responsiveness so far.

      As for the rest, here's what I did. Your mileage may vary.

      I decided not to get the tall-foot kit. Instead, I got some 22mm diameter by 25mm tall black "rubber tips" at my local ACE hardware. These are meant to go over the ends of chair legs or whatever.  They are the same height as the Cioks kit. They fit onto the existing feet on the PT-1 but they don't grip firmly enough to stay there unless you're careful.

      That's a plus and a minus. The PT-1 has a hard case and I felt it was putting too much stress on my top row of pedals, including the ET Factors, when I had the taller feet on the front & back of the PT-1.  I leave the extensions on the front, but slip the taller feet off the back to store the board in the case. This keeps the PowerFactor just a hair off the bottom of the case and allows the lid to close with the foam providing a little pressure on the top row.  It's not the most elegant solution, but it works for now. If I can figure out a way to tighten the grip of the ACE feet, yet keep the back ones removable I'll do it.

      I installed the PowerFactor upside down. This enabled me to get four screws into the mounting plate and middle bar of the PT-1. The mounting plate is on the middle bar and the cord side of the PF is snug against the back rail. It seems solid without the need for additional hardware, which is a big plus. But, as pointed out in the Cioks DC-10 mounting instructions this setup has the drawback that you must uninstall the power supply to remove the power cord from the PF. The only reason to mess with the cord, though, would be if it became damaged somehow, which would be pretty rare. This setup allows me to have the power cord come out of the left side of the PT-1, which was important to me.

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