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      Ok, this isn’t guitar, BUT please see if you can figure it out anyways, please. John Popper of Blues Traveler uses a pitch-shifted delay that I love. I am trying to find a way to do the same. You can hear it here:

      Intro – http://www.bluestraveler.com/albums/truth-be-told/unable-to-get-free/

      Starts at 2:25 – http://www.bluestraveler.com/albums/live-on-the-rocks/this-ache/

      Starts around 4:02 – http://archive.org/download/bt2000-11-11.flac16/bt2000-11-11d3t05_64kb.mp3

      My understanding is that it is most likely being made with an Eventide H8000 (although the last clip would have been a H3000). There are over 1,000 presets on a H8000 and I am overwhelmed trying to figure which one it is specifically. The effect isn’t unlike shimmer, I guess?

      Fortunately, I’ve had some interactions with Mr. Popper both in person and online. I haven’t had a response related to this effect from him, though. Any thoughts on this effect – especially how to pull it off with one pedal – would be MUCH appreciated!

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      I did find this years ago…https://rockharmonica.blogspot.com/2012/02/john-popper-uses-eventide-h8000a-2005.html


      John Popper Uses an Eventide H8000A (2005)
      Blues Traveler’s John Popper recently upgraded his traveling rig from the iconic Eventide H3000 to the new H8000A Ultra-Harmonizer® effects processor. The H8000A delivers unprecedented processing power and expanded analog I/O, ideal for the true road warrior conditions of heavy touring acts like Blues Traveler.

      Few bands log as many miles year-in and year-out as Blues Traveler. The rigorous tour schedule is as demanding on the gear as it is on the band and crew. So, when Popper asked stage manager and tech Fisher Essenfeld to update his rig and make it more reliable for shows without compromising any of his decades-old signature settings, Fisher turned to Eventide for a solution.

      “John had been using an Eventide H3000 for years as a staple of rig,” said Fisher. “It was so trusted he used it as his go-to patch – old #9 – was his default. The rig was piled together over the years and he wanted to rework it and make it more intuitive and seaworthy for live shows. That’s when I looked at ways to upgrade the gear but still maintain the basics of his sounds,” Fisher added. “John doesn’t necessarily know how it’s all patched together but he sure knows how to use it. Now he has a greater sense of control and the sound is better than ever.”

      Greater control is indeed what the H8000A was able to deliver. Fisher has constructed the rig so that the patches can be controlled both on stage by Popper and by offstage controls as well. The top-of-the-line Ultra-Harmonizer processor was so successful on a recent string of overseas dates that Fisher plans to build a second touring rack with another H8000A as the centerpiece.

      The level of control is truly amazing,” said Fisher. “When John pulls off the mic he is able to create completely new tones adding to the already overwhelming soundscape. John is very happy with the outcome so far, and we are just scratching the surface of possibilities.

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for the insight about his use of our rackmount products, interesting stuff!

      If you want to use a single stompbox to try and recreate this effect, then the Crystals algorithm found in the PitchFactor or H9 Max would be your best bet.

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