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      Hi, I am totally new to the Timefactor and I am trying to find the setting that adds reverb to the mix. Is it the Multitap? It sounds a little reverbish but I want to make sure I am hearing it correctly. Thank you!

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      sort of… with the smear at max but it's more like slapback then a true reverb.

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      TimeFactor isn't really a reverb, none of the algorithms are reverb algorithms. Multitap, with certain settings, can get you in the ballpark though; I like mine with delays A+B set to 10, then I set delay A to something shorter (maybe around 250-300 ms) and delay B to something longer (around 800-1200 ms), then feedback around 80 and slur and spread at full. Play around with the taper to see where you like it, and cranking the mix knob to 70 or higher will get you close. 

      Again, keep in mind that TimeFactor is not a reverb unit. 

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