Why does the H9 only send MIDI Program Change when pressing the footswitch?

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      JP RED


      Yesterday i got my brand new H9 max.

      One of the advantages the H9 has is, that is has a mapping for the outgoing Program Change messages. I intended to use this feature to sync the presets with a TC Electronics Flasback X4 which has a fixed MIDI input mapping (it only reacts to PC000,  PC001 and PC002). To my disappointment i noticed that a Program Change message is only sent when the preset is loaded by pressing the left footswitch, but not when loading the preset any other way.

      This renders this feature more or less useless for me beacuse i’m changing presets on the H9 via MIDI in (using a One Control OC10).

      Is there a technical limitation why the Program Change isn’t transmitted regardless of how the preset was loaded? I understand that when the MIDI out is set to “merge” this could lead to conflicts, but not when it is set to “transmit only”.

      Is there a chance that this will be “fixed” in a future software update?

      Current software version on the device is 5.2.0[1].

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      Eventide Staff

      The thinking was that if you loaded the program from MIDI, you could also send such other MIDI messages as you needed, and that it might be annoying if the pedal took it upon itself to send (possibly the wrong) Program Change message.


      This thinking may be right or wrong, but we have not had a flood of people asking us to change it.


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      JP RED

      Thanks for the quick reply.

      Well, on the positive side this means i have one MIDI calble less to route on the pedal board. 🙂

      Have a nice weekend.

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