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      Billy Foppiano

      I'm trying to get some insight in working my Space stompbox, and I noticed it's not listed in the forums description….Are the threads located elsewhere?

      And I might have got a questionable unit, because this one doesn't sound so good…..I brought it up to the new software spec (4), and re-initialised it, but It doesn't act like my MF and TF.

      For instance, when I'm trying to link parameters to a Footpedal, the display doesn't move (like linking Mix to pedal) , and it acts hinky like.

      I'm gonna work with it some more, but it's acting badly…

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      Hi Billy,

      This is the right forum for all Eventide Stompboxes, including Space.

      As far as the foot pedal, do you have a compatible expression pedal connected to the expression pedal input jack? Does the expression pedal work at all, or just not change the display?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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