Will a Cab Sim /IR Loader ever come to the H9?

Home Forums Products Stompboxes Will a Cab Sim /IR Loader ever come to the H9?

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      There would be a massive buying spike if this was ever added and i need it!. Anything in the works?

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      Sounds like you want an HX Stomp. They have a long history of amp modeling.

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      Yes, this would be essential. Most of the competition has a simple cab filter already (like Strymon Big Sky and Empress Reverb), even a toggle option like that would be awesome but I know that Eventide is more into creating its own unique effects that are more out there so an IR loader with some added tweakability would be even more killer (HX stomp, as mentioned has it and now the new Poly Digit stuff.. etc.).

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      I was just about to ask the same question then found this threat.

      I think Eventide never looked into this before but as H9 user, I can say it would be great if Eventide can start looking into Amp&Cab simulation/algorithms as their R&D improvement this year.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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