Will quadravox work with Cantabile please

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      I don’t need a fancy mixing desk, I really do want to just have a harmonizing gadget. It seems Cantabile provide a kind of “plug in holder” but I cannot see if Quadravox is compatible with them.

      I really don’t want all the “fun” of trying to install / configure a full-on DAW – just a very simple way to make the Quadravox plug-in work pretty much as a standalone thing.

      Audio In > modified Audio Out. As horribly and boringly simple as that.

      If someone knows if Cantible definately DOES or does NOT work with the Quadravox plug-in, that would be awesome thankyou 🙂



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      Cantabile can host VST plugins, so Quadravox should work with it. You could always try demoing Quadravox to see if it'll achieve what you need.


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