Win 7 32 bit, PTHD 8, and H3000 Factory?

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      I can get the Eventide H3000 Factory, but I was wondering if it is known to work on Win 7 32 bit and PTHD 8? 

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Sscannon,

      It should work fine with PT8 on Windows 7, 32-bit.  Are you experiencing problems?


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      Thank you for the reply.  I am not having problems with the plugin because I haven't purchased it yet.  I was asking because somebody wants to sell me the ilok asset.  Turns out there are 2 versions of the H3000 Factory, one was the original, and one was the UB version.

      Long story short, the seller has the original version that won't work with Win 7 and PT8.  The solution, it seems, is to upgrade to the UB version for $50 through Eventide, then it will work.

      So , to clarify, the UB version will work, but not the original.  Thank you!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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