Wish list from users for future updates of the H90 *control app*

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      1) an ‘export all’ option.  ie, a ‘backup all’ option:

      – I just want to back up everything on the pedal…  not list by list by list…


      2) an ‘offline editor’ where I can look at the algo parameters, etc. without connecting the pedal:

      – When I get one of those 2am “I wonder if…” moments, often all I want to do is look at the available parameters of a particular algo, check if I can route something one way or another, etc.

      – Currently, the only way I can check the “if”, is to fire up all of my gear.  If I had an ‘offline’ option that just allowed me to load the boiler-plate algos, I’d be able to get back to sleep much quicker/easier. 🙂


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      Export Presets as XML / Plain Text.

      It would be great if I could tweak a preset / program offline with a text editor.


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      Very useful would be level meters! Both of the incoming audio signal and the outgoing audio signal. Even better would be also level meters after each effect. Some presets clip heavily if you don’t lower the input signal enough. So far I can only rely on my hearing.

      A small further improvement of the app would be if you could also type in the BPM, as is the case with the effect parameters.

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      It’s a small detail, but I’d find some contrasting coloration for each of the three HotKnob mappings to be useful.

      Along the lines of the forward / reverse direction contrasts with parameters bound to an EXP pedal.

      In complex configurations, it’d be easier to recall what got mapped to what.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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