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      Hi All,

      Given I am waiting in line for my Pitch factor heres my my six cents for any pedal OS updates specific to MIDI functions !

      1. Please implement reverse sense on the midi cc bypass function (like the Eclipse). That way the pedals may be used with a "mainstream" MIDI controller like the Ground Control Pro. Currently when you activate a CC switch on the Ground Control it bypasses the pedal ! At the moment on is actually off – can be confusing at gigs !

      2. Please implement a specific tap tempo midi cc. What I mean is – if I assign 1 cc on my ground control (say cc 64 on MIDI ch 10), allow the pedal to assign tap tempo independent of the units "Global" MIDI Channel – eg TF assigned to MIDI channel 1 (bypass, prog change etc controlled from MIDI CH 1), however Tap tempo can be set to MIDI Ch 10 (say) CC 64. The benefit would be for users of all the Eventide pedals – you only need to assign one MIDI CC on your pedal board to send Tap Temp to all pedals at once – Cool ! I currently do this with the Eclipse and the TF, as the Eclipse can set independent MIDI channels as described above – yay !

      Your thoughts would be appreciated – cheers

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      Eventide Staff

      1. This feature will be in the forthcoming PitchFactor release and probably also in future TF and MF releases (no date at present).

       2. No plan at the moment – the unit is tied to its MIDI channel setting. But, we'll add it to the list.

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      hi man i am a owner of pitchfactor i do everything but i could't download v2.3.0[2] update if you have got it can you send my azizhorasanli@hotmail.com email adress thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      1) Please read the first post in the Stompboxes section ("READ THIS: …").

      2) If that does not help, please contact support@eventide.com

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