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      So I've got a mixing link on the way as well as an H9 core whenever they ship. For the meantime I'll have my guitar H9 to mess around with vocal effects.

      I'm trying to wrap my head around the best way to write H9 patches for vocals, specifically in the wet/dry equation. I want to be able to set up the mixing link so that we have a great solid signal for lead vocals that doesn't vary in the level sent to FOH – and for this reason, I'm thinking the Dry+FX setting on the ML is going to be best as this fixes the dry level, and turning the mix knob will only make the signal wetter. But I'm going to want to have varying effects levels on my various H9 patches – say a really heavy reverb for some parts, vs a really subtle one for others. And here's the thing – I want to set the balance on the ML mix knob once, and have that setting work across multiple songs/patches without the need for adjusting.

      So…should I use the H9 in killdry mode…and just adjust the wetness level to taste per patch? The thing that confuses me is in killdry, the mix knob on the various H9 effects has a big impact on overall level. So I don't want a patch that I setup for a really subtle reverb to have an overall level that's lower than the heavy reverb one if that makes sense.

      I'll know in a few days when it gets here and I can experiment. Just thought I'd ask the eventide folks if they have any thoughts while I wait. Doesn't seem to be much going on in the ML forum world anyway…

      thanks –


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