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      hi there- i've recently begun tinkering with VSIG and my new H8000FW. i love the box and the effects of course and immediately wanted to dive in and make some deeper tweaks to factory presets using VSIG.

      however, when i "get" the preset from the H8000 into VSIG (using MIDI), it loads but with all modules overlapping eachother in a giant blob. i would have to spend literally hours "untangling" the preset until i could find where in the signal path i wanted to make my changes.

      am i doing something wrong, or does the VSIG module positioning that the eventide developer used originally not actually get transferred? thanks!

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      Hi J

      Vsigfile real language is sigfile (textmode). The graphic mode is just another ay to look at programming but it's not the real language. By real I mean the info that is being sent from Vsig to the Eventide that causes algorithm compilation. This is a text file.

      If you want to work in graphic mode, you can reorder modules by right clicking in open field or opening the Edit menu and choose Reposition Modules. that will displace the modules from the "nest" you get after downloading the algorithm from the unit.

      If you want to get good at Vsig, please don't skip the manual and its reference to the modules order and other topics.

      This is a real art!!!


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