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      I’ve purchased a lot of plugins recently. All of them had a fairly painless experience – create an online account, download their manager app, launch and sign in, and that manager app already knew about your licenses and you could download within that app.  Not Eventide. You have to go through about a hundred clicks, create a new account from a different site, remember that account name. Just awful. Truly they should be shamed of themselves. It took probably 30 minutes just to install about 5 plugins, starting from the moment I purchased them. Join the 21st century, Eventide. Create a one-stop management app.

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      I have about 30 Eventide plugins and instalation takes no more than 30 minutes. 1 minute per plugin seems to be OK. 😉

      As Eventide uses iLok, it cannot be one click. I guess.

      I would prefer if Eventide include NKS support to their plugins. It would save me hundreds hours of time and improved user experience with the plugins. At least H9 plugins, if not all.

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      Thanks for noting your feature requests. I can't promise development of more NKS supported plugins, nor a plugin management app, but I will make note of this to the developers for further consideration. We're always happy to have your feedback, and appreciate your support of the Eventide brand!

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      Ilok definitely comes with a learning curve, albeit a small one. On the bright side, if you choose to purchase other plugins from other ilok protected manufacturers or additional ones here, your account is set up and you now know the process. When I bought my H9000 I couldn’t figure out basic functions for an entire month! All pilot error and not knowing my stuff. Ilok does have its pros, too. You can move your license to a cloud based server and it becomes portable if you want to work on anther machine anywhere else. 

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      Please, please, please. NKS. smiley

      I have all Eventide plugins, but Generate. And I decided not to buy Generate unless it is NKS. (And I wouldn’t buy H9 Plugin Bundle either for that reason…. I appreciate a lot I received it for free as H9 Max owner. So, I cannot complain it is not NKS, if it was for free for me….) 

      NKS is not that much work to do. It cannot be more than one man day per plugin. I guess…… Users even made DIY NKS support for few Eventide plugins. Let your managers use NKS plugin vs. non-NKS and I bet they would allocate resources to it. 🙂

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