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      I just got my MicroPitch. The included reference card is for the TriceraChorus. Pretty confusing at first. Incidentally, the box containing the AC adapter is also labelled TriceraChorus. Also, the Youtube videos show panel overlays which were not included with mine. I downloaded the proper reference card but can’t find any downloadable overlays.

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      Sorry for the confusion and trouble. The preset cards are not downloadable, but you can access or edit them in Eventide Device Manager. When you connect your MicroPitch pedal to your computer via USB, you’ll be able to see all presets it has (there are dozens of them) and edit any of them. The first 5 presets are what on the preset cards. You’ll be able to see all parameters and knob positions of those 5 presets.

      I’ve sent an email to you. If you’d like to get a set of preset cards, I can mail them to you.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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