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      If you wish to have the name of all presets (50) in the factor lib, feel free to use the code below

      rather than typing everything – it might require a bit of tweaking but this should word

      1. copy the code below in a text document

      2. change the XXXX below by the serial number of your machine

      3. save the document (as XML) in the same folder as the back up of the 50 presets and name it exaclty the same way (e.g. You should have mybackup.sysx and mybackup.xml in the same folder)

      4. close and reopen Factor lib. open your back up

      Et voilà!



      PS for the geeks/pitch mod users: This is easy to do using the pdf list of presets  from eventide and excel

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <version>"1.0"</version> <product>013</product> <serial>TF-XXXX</serial> <dict>

      <preset Pristine Digital Delay (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Airplane Hanger (Multitap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Vintage Filtered Echoes (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Bridge of Sighs (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Guitars in Space (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Backwards Riffs (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Volume Swell Helper (DuckedDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Classic Slap (TapeEcho) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset TwinDelay (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Classic Chorus (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Schizo Delay (FilterPong) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Ethereal Echoes (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Copy Cat (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Every Lead You Fake (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Where the Avenues Have No Name (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Over the Rainbow (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Lost Lunch (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Ghost Town (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Pedal Pitch (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Dring Modulator (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reggae Wahdelay Dark (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reggae Wahdelay Bright (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset 500 Seater  (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Big Swellpad1 (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset MultiTap Hall (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Ambient MultiTap (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset MultiTap WetLive (MultiTap)  <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset What I’m Looking For (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Galloper MultiTap (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Tapper (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Springy Verb (FilterPong) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Strummer (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Strummer2 (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset King's Missile  (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reverse Flutters (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Time Slips1 (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Time Slips2 (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Time Slips3 (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset 1.. and 2  (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset 1.. and 2  Mod (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Lazyphasy (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Funk Echo (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset PhaserEcho1 (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset PhaserEcho2 (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Long Vintage (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset AutoMarch (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reverse Flutters2 (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Pong Echoes (FilterPong) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Nice Thick Thickener (FilterPong) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Warped Record (TapeEcho) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Record Head (TapeEcho) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Wah Echo1 (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Long Vintage2 (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset WubbaWubbaWub (FilterPong) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Science Museum (FilterPong) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reverse Space (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Backwards All (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reverse Space2 (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Backwards All2 (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reverse Space3 (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Reverse No Crystals (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Inside Out (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset FlutterWow (TapeEcho) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Big Warm Digital (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Trem Delays (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Dual Big Warm Digital (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Big Nice Day (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Filtered Digital (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset ChorusyTrem (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Flaser (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Storm Brewing1 (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Storm Brewing2 (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Haw Echoes1 (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Haw Echoes2 (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Phasery Band (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Phasery Band2 (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Country Compressor (DuckedDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Two Vintage Echoes (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset SlapVintage (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Nice Old Echoes (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Ambient Vintage (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Long Old Delays (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Rotten Old Delays (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset The Lo-Rez trail (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Be Wowed (TapeEcho) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Phasery Banddelay (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Ramp Up Reverse (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Creepy (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset GooeyFilteropong (FilterPong) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Chorusphase No Delay (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Unnatural Room (MultiTap) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Turnit Back (Reverse)  <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Slap Phase  (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Deep Phase Echo (ModDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset And Wobblier (TapeEcho) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset More Reverse Slaps (Reverse) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Trashcan Flange (DigitalDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset It's the 5-0 (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset The Closer (VintageDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      <preset Filter Echo (BandDelay) <info>Description</info> </preset>

      </dict> </tjlib>

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