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      Hi people,

      first time using small mixer with only MONO AUX, no dedicated RETURNS. My question is how to connect my H9 to the mixer. The shop I bought the mixer recommends to use MONO OUTform the Yamaha’s AUX send to two mono IN’s into the H9 L+R and then back to the mixer from H9 into 2 separate channels. Other do use only MONO cable from AUX from the mixer into one H9 L channel and thenstereo back to the mixer. I still get only mono on one channel and not stereo sfx on my instruments. Is there any seetings within H9 for mono IN stereo OUT situation? Thanks a lot. MIke

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      Herr Mosa

      No, I think you have a flaw in your setup. Mono-In to Stereo-Out you just plug in, the H9 recognizes that by itself, no adjustment is necessary. Try changing the return channels to find the error in the cable or mixer.

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      Thanks. You are correct, got it working. Mono in to L H9, stereo out to the mix’s channels. It looks like I had mono preset which confused me at first. Cheers !

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