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      Hello everybody !

      We are several saxophone players to use Eventide Stompboxes, why not create a specific topic in this guitarist world ?

      I would be curious to know what are your best presets for saxophone and how you use your eventide stompboxes ?

      I play tenor and soprano saxophones and love my H9 Max that I use along with Mixing Link and other effects (analog delay, auto-wah, ring mod…). I have 20 presets on my H9 (diatonic harmo, flex, delay, distorsion…).

      But my very favorite one is this preset I use to transform my tenor to a baryton sax. I discovered it by chance playing with the Harpegiattor and for me this sound is much more realistic and soft than octaver, pitchflex or diatonic algos…


      ARP MIX : A10+B0

      SEQUENCE A & B : 02

      RYTHM A & B : OFF

      DYNAMICS : 10

      LENGTH : 1/16

      EFFECTS A & B : OFF

      And what about your favorites presets for sax ?

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