Insider News: Android H9 Control, NAMM, GRAMMYS, TEC Awards and yikes, it’s only January - Eventide Audio

Insider News: Android H9 Control, NAMM, GRAMMYS, TEC Awards and yikes, it’s only January

It’s January and that can only mean one thing — we’re getting ready for NAMM. Eventide will be exhibiting at the Anaheim Convention Center on January 25 – 28th. We are excited to meet our friends at our new booth 4633 in Hall D, where we will have live demos of our soon-to-be-released flagship, the H9000, along with our effects pedals, our new H9 Control Android app, plug-ins and Eurorack delay.

We’re happy that some of our favorite artists — including Living Colour’s Doug Wimbish, the legendary Bootsy Collins, Peter Freeman and more — will be performing at our booth.

Hey Android, Love You Too

The long-awaited Android version of the H9 Control app is currently in limited beta and will be available for download soon. The H9 Control app allows you to manage H9 parameters, presets and settings.

Check out this teaser…

DDL 1745 NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame Induction

We’re honored to have our first digital audio product, the Eventide Clock Works DDL 1745, joining our H910 and H3000 Harmonizers® in the TEC Hall of Fame. The DDL 1745 was one of the first ever digital delays. In fact, DDLs were the first pro audio digital devices of any kind! Designed by our founder Richard Factor in 1971, it delivered a whopping 200 msecs of delay for just the cost of a new car.

Check out the “User Interface”. No LEDs! Just a power switch, a level control, a couple of incandescent bulbs and four big knobs. Primitive yet iconic. Learn more

Fission nominated for a NAMM TECnology Award

Fission has been nominated for a NAMM TECnology Award for best signal processing software. In its short life, it has already been used by legendary engineers and producers like Tony Visconti, Kevin Killen and Steve Rosenthal. It has even helped give life to the Shadow Monster in the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’ Speaking of stranger things, it won’t be called Fission much longer — someone complained and we figured that a rose by any other name…

Lifetime Achievement Grammy®

The Recording Academy has announced that our very own Richard Factor and Tony Agnello will be presented a Technical GRAMMY® Special Merit Award. Check out Richard’s description of how Richard Nixon’s secretary Rose Mary Woods led to the creation of a box that was pretty much unusable — the enigmatic and almost incomprehensible white-face Omnipressor. Watch Video

One Year Anniversary of Gear Club Podcast

We were delighted to learn that the Gear Club Podcast now has 30,000 subscribers — thanks to all of you for listening. Recent guests include Tape Op’s Larry Crane, Shure’s Michael Pettersen, Andrew Scheps, Women’s Audio Mission Terri Winston, EveAnna Manley from Manley Labs, Record Plant alum Rod O’Brien and, most recently, Geoff Daking. If you haven’t listened, give it a try. You’ll hear some great stories and even learn a thing or three about recording. If you’re a ‘regular’ tell your friends, like it, etc. Subscribe on iTunes, Google and most podcast apps.

We Need Help!

Our marketing team is looking for a few bright, eager, reliable people who are passionate about music and eager to share that passion. We need help with all things social media related and other stuff, too. To be effective, we’ll need you to be here walking the halls with the rest of us so local candidates only please; we’re located in NJ just across from The Big Apple (“The Big Android”?). If you’re interested please send your resume to