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Join Your Friends and Competitors In Flaming Death

Look What Tony Found

If you can deal with an oxymoron (as opposed to the genuine article) please accept this blog as being from a non-compulsive pack rat. “Pack rat” because I’ve long been blessed with adequate storage space, “non-compulsive” because, although I hardly ever discard anything I think may be useful some day, I don’t save everything, and sometimes a true gem goes missing.

The letter below, now over 35 years old, was missing until Tony  was rummaging in has basement and unearthed a copy.

The Santa Monica pier is gone

Not all the “reviewers” mentioned below are still with us.

And, in fact, I think the bumper cars themselves were discontinued after the third “annual” event.

Eventide Clockworks no longer exists – we dropped the “Clockworks” in 1984. (Sproinggggg)

Most of the communist propagandists are gone, too, so the “flaming death” reference is unlikely to be fully appreciated. (I’m not sure what is up with Firesign Theater.)

If they ever rebuild the Santa Monica Pier and bumper car attraction, I think we are far too “corporate” to do this again. Still, I’m glad the invitation just came (literally) to light.