Welcome to the New Eventide Website - Eventide Audio

Welcome to the New Eventide Website

The Next Step

Welcome to the new Eventide Audio site. We understand that change can be a challenge—we’ve only redesigned our website three times in 20 years before this—but we hope you’ll find the new site more useful and easier to use. Here is a brief overview of the changes and additions to the site.

  • Increased speed and stability
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Fully-integrated forums
  • Integrated search across products, support documents, forums, news and more.
  • Each product has its own long-format page that puts all related information, pictures and videos in one place.
  • Redesigned user features
    • Show all the content you have published,
    • Show your product registrations and allow you to register new products,
    • Subscribe/unsubscribe to our newsletter,
    • Forum notification options.
  • Expanded FAQs, documents and other support related information, including information on discontinued products.
  • Expanded artist gallery.
  • Blogs by employees and guest artists with how-to information, new contests and featured algorithms.
  • Sitewide SSL encryption.

And much more to come.

You may have noticed that we are running on a new domain, www.eventideaudio.com. We made this change to allow our Audio and Communications divisions to each have their own site. 

Please share your thoughts on this next step in our online evolution by using the contact form. Enjoy!

Eventide’s Website Evolution

Here is a look back at previous generations of our website.