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Massive Ethereal Reverb with Pitch Shifting

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Massive Ethereal Reverb with Pitch Shifting

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  • Unique reverb plug-in with parallel pitch shifters on the reverb tail
  • Easily pitch with perfect fourths, fifths, and octaves
  • MicroPitch tuning available around perfect intervals
  • Four octaves of pitch shifting (from two octaves down to two octaves up)
  • Delay pitched signals up to one second or sync them to your DAW’s tempo
  • FEEDBACK determines how much delayed signal is fed back into the input of the reverb
  • Low, Mid, and High cross-over network determines which frequencies are fed back
  • FREEZE holds the current state of the reverb in a smeared texture
  • The RIBBON allows for real-time modification of several parameters at once
  • HOTSWITCH allows for instant switching between two sets of parameters within one preset

Artist Presets: Ronit Kirchman

Ronit Kirchman is a composer, music producer, songwriter, conductor, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. She composes music for film and television, theater and dance, multimedia installations, and the concert stage. Her credits include The Sinner, LimetownZen and the Art of Dying, and The Skin I’m In.

Available on iOS

ShimmerVerb is also available on iOS for all your shimmering reverb needs. Download now to experience reverb as you’ve never experienced it before!


Easily unfurls everything.

ShimmerVerb easily unfurls everything from percussive impulses to traditional instrumentation or even the most basic synthesized sounds into expansive, gleaming atmospheres.

Noah Pred

Adds space and texture.

With ShimmerVerb, Eventide supplies us with a one-stop shop for an effect that can certainly find use on plenty of the melodic and lead-type tracks in your production, as well as some of your more pad-like support tracks that can benefit from a little space and texture.

Dan Gluszak

One of the best.

Whether you’re looking to add otherworldly texture to guitars or lustrous polish to vocals, the ShimmerVerb will add depth and beauty to your tracks immediately, and that makes it one of the best new software offerings of 2020.

Nathan Doyle
Vintage King

Artists Using ShimmerVerb

Fred Everything
Paul "Willie Green" Womack
Ronit Kirchman
The Sinner, Evil Eye, Limetown

Platform Compatibility

Windows 8+
AAX 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit
macOS 10.9+, Intel and Apple Silicon
AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit
iOS 11.0+
AUv3 64-bit, Standalone 64-bit

An iLok account is required, but no physical dongle is necessary.
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Our plug-ins should work with any compatible host, however we recommend you download a 30-day demo to check before buying.
We test our iOS plug-ins in AudioBus, AUM, Auria Pro, Cubasis, GarageBand, and NanoStudio. However, our plug-ins should work with any compatible DAW.
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