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TriceraChorus is inspired by the classic tri-choruses and stompbox choruses of the 1970s and early 1980s. These units used bucket brigade delay (BBD) chips to create chorusing. TriceraChorus pairs rich BBD-style trichorusing with another classic effect of the 1980s: Eventide MicroPitch detuning. This effect can be used to thicken the sound, to add static chorusing, and to spread the stereo field by detuning the left and right signals in opposite directions.

TriceraChorus has three chorus voices: Left (L), Center (C), and Right (R). Each voice uses a dedicated LFO to modulate a delay at the frequency set by the RATE knob. The modulated signals for the Left and Right voices are -120 and 120 degrees out of phase relative to the Center modulation signal. The combination of the three modulated delays creates lush chorus sounds.

The DEPTH L / DEPTH C / DEPTH R knobs control the depth of the respective voices. Larger depth values increase the amount of delay modulation, creating greater changes in pitch. When a depth control is set to OFF, that voice is removed from the output, and the volume levels of the other voices will be automatically adjusted to maintain a constant level.

Price: $19.99 for H9 and H9 Core; Free for H9 Max Owners


H9 Control View - Click (+) for more info

TriceraChorus Algorithm Controls
Global mix control for chorusing and has two modes, Chorus and Chorale. Chorus and Chorale Mix levels are independent of Detune Mix.
This is the base rate of the chorus modulation, from 0.1 to 20 Hz. When Tempo mode is ON, this becomes a multiplier on the tapped BPM value.
Chorus modulation depth of the Left voice, with two options: OFF, 1-100.
Chorus modulation depth of the Center voice, with two options: OFF, 1-100.
Chorus modulation depth of the Right voice, with two options: OFF, 1-100.
When CHORUS MIX is in Chorus Mode, DELAY sets the minimum delay time for all voices, ranging from 0.39 mS to 200 mS.
Mix control for the Detune section of the algorithm. The Detuners are fed from the stereo output of the Chorus voices. DETUNE MIX controls the stereo left and right channels at the same time and is independent of the CHORUS MIX control.
Controls both detune amounts for the left and right channels. Range is +/- 40 cents.
Controls Amplitude Envelope assignment as well as Envelope Depth. There are two assignable Envelope modulation destinations
A tone control for shaping the high or low end of the output signal. Negative values roll off high frequencies (HICUT), and positive values roll off low frequencies (LOCUT).
Output Level
At 0 the output level is unaffected. Increase the output level of the effect by up to 20 dB or lower by 30 dB.
Tempo is turned ON/OFF on the H9 by simultaneously pressing the Right Footswitch and the PRESETS button. With Tempo OFF, tapping can be used to adjust delay parameter values (displayed as milliseconds or Hz). With Tempo ON, tempo is in BPM.
Turn effect on or off..
The Middle Footswitch can be programmed to act on the loaded Preset as a programmable controller allowing the user to switch between the normal Preset parameter values and a programmed, alternate set of parameter values. It’s like having two Presets in one.
If Tempo is ON, the display indicates the current tempo in BPM (30 to 500 BPM) while tapping and the Tap LED will blink at the BPM rate. If Tempo is OFF, the display indicates the parameter value (milliseconds for most algorithms).