DSP7000 - Eventide Audio

The members of the Eventide DSP7000 family are programmable, multipurpose, 24-bit/96kHz digital audio signal processors with UltraShifter™ capability and are the stereo, single-processor companion product range to the Eventide’s Orville. 

That’s a lot of adjectives! They are the successors to a long, proud line of digital signal processors that stretches back to a time when most audio manufacturers didn’t know digital audio from Morse code. We’ve loaded the DSP7000 with features that put it in a class by itself. The variety and depth of its programs are truly amazing, from lush reverbs, to choruses, to flanges, to delays, to pitch shifters, to dynamics, to EQs, to filters, to distortions, to synthesizers, to samplers, to ring modulators, and to everything in-between. Most frequency and time-dependent parameters (e.g. delays, LFO’s) synchronize to a system tempo for ease of use. And if that’s not enough, the DSP7500 boasts nearly three minutes of sample time in addition to the 40 seconds of delay time! And for the user who is interested in making his or her own programs (if the huge number of factory programs aren’t enough!), the DSP7000 family continues the “modular programming paradigm” that made the DSP4000 famous. Programs are composed of individual building blocks, or “modules,” that allow the user to create original programs. Inspiration and creativity are given no bounds.


  • 4x the processing capabilities of the DSP4000
  • 500 factory presets, from ripe reverbs to incredibly accurate, top-quality pitch change programs, let you take full advantage of the DSP7000’s amazing effects processing. 150 presets can be stored internally, while hundreds of further presets can be stored on removable PCMCIA cards.
  • 24-bit/96kHz conversion provides you with flawless audio performance.
  • The DSP7000 boasts both analog and digital I/O with separate gain controls and metering for each domain.
  • The DSP7000 is one of the most versatile processors out there, with capabilities that make it the ideal means for adding fully professional effects to your project studio or even your live setup! 


Sample Rates

88.2, 48, 44.1, External kHz

Digital Inputs/Outputs

2 AES/EBU or SPDIF at 44.1 to 96KHz

Remote Control Inputs

Up to 2 foot pedals (or 5V control inputs) or 6 footswitches or a combination

Remote Control Outputs

2 isolated relay closures, rated 1A at 30VDC

MIDI Connections

5 pin DIN Output and Thru 7 pin DIN Input with Output capability

Memory Card Interface

68 pin PCMCIA 2.0/JEIDA 4.0 Supports type 1 SRAM cards up to 4MB for data storage

Factory Preset Capabilities (at 48K sampling) Pitch Shifting

Up to 11 voices Compressor/Limiter: up to 4 instances Equalization: up to 128 bands parametric single input, 64 bands at 2 channels

Sampling with time compression/expansion (48K)

Up to 174 seconds mono (DSP 7500 only)

Digital Delay

Up to 174 seconds mono (DSP 7500 only)