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Suggested balanced cables

Best cables for the best FX processors!

Suggested balanced cables in wiring all Eventide units as: balanced XLR to unbalanced ¼” jack

The cable should be BALANCED (2 conductors plus ground). We prefer genuine LINE level cables for installation, rather than generic mic/line level ones. Mic cables will work but they are not up to the specs of the quality delivered by hi-end processors. The advantages are that real line level cables, those used to wire a console, are thin and have a hi grade metal shield. It’s the good stuff.

Canare, Mogami and Belden offer hi_quality professional cable types. Usually an aluminum or copper foil wraps and shields the conductors. That’s the stuff you want to use in a rack that won’t pick up any interference from power and midi cables.


This company makes A LOT of cables and many of them are great to wire Eventides. Type of their cables you can use: Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cables – Overall Bedfoil Shield

models: 8450 or 8451 (We use and love this one!) or 9451. Many cables in the 84 and 94 series are excellent choices besides these 3. Get Twisted Pair type.

You can download the catalog section 5.0_Paired.pdf here (and take a look at these fine cables): log on to Belden’s website, point your mouse on The Belden Catalog and click on Master Catalog PDF at page bottom click on the book icon Master Catalog PDF then click on Paired Cables, on the top of the new opened page to download the file.

Once you have it on your desktop check the PDF section Overall Bedfoil(R) Shield > Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cables. All of these cables are genuine Line levels cables. Highly recommended. Differences can be about thickness and flexibility.


Types of their cables you can use: High Quality Balanced Mic. Cable models: Neglex Type #22AWG Balanced Mic. Cable or 105 Strand Broadcast Mic. Cable to see them click on Mogami Cable > Microphone Cables > High Quality Balanced Mic. Cable These are Mic type cables!

another type is: Console Internal / External Wiring Cables These are pure LINE level cables. models: Standard Console Cable or Large Conductor Size Console Cable to see them click on Mogami Cable > Console Cables. Great stuff!


Type of their cables you can use:AUDIO Cable : Mic Cable – Twisted Pair Series models: L-2T2S or L-2E5 or L-2B2AT

All of these are Mic & Line Levels cables.

Please consider that products names and labels can change in time and so do websites and links to them. It’s adviced you check these companies websites to get updated info in time.