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Will quadravox work with Cantabile please



I don't need a fancy mixing desk, I really do want to just have a harmonizing gadget. It seems Cantabile provide a kind of "plug in holder" but I cannot see if Quadravox is compatible with them.

I really don't want all the "fun" of trying to install / configure a full-on DAW - just a very simple way to make the Quadravox plug-in work pretty much as a standalone thing.

Audio In > modified Audio Out. As horribly and boringly simple as that.

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Press Release: Create Beautiful Harmonies with Quadravox

Little Ferry, NJ — September 19, 2016 — Eventide today announced the sale of Quadravox, a four-voice, diatonic pitch-shifting plug-in available for VST/AU/AAX. Developed using technology from Eventide’s flagship H8000FW studio processor, Quadravox includes per-voice controls for delay, detuning, panning and feedback to create everything from otherworldly harmonies to groovy sequences.

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...a positively inspirational compositional’s outstanding, working brilliantly on monophonic synths, guitar, piano, drums and pretty much anything else.

Attack Gives 4 Stars to Quadravox

...An emulation of a classic creative effect wrapped up with all the convenience of a modern plugin it’s outstanding, working brilliantly on monophonic synths, guitar, piano, drums and pretty much anything else.

H9 Quadravox and Diatonic Pitch Problem


Hi, I recently bought an H9 Core and have installed the Diatonic and Quadrovox algorithms.

Pitch A in Diatonic and Pitches A & B in Quadravox are currently making no sound. This is regardless of the preset I use, the balance between the pitches I set or any other setting. Pitches C/C+D are working correctly.

I have tried changing most of the pedal settings and everything else I can think of. Is there a fault with my pedal or am I missing something?

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