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On the Road with Derya Nagle from Good Tiger

Photo of Derya Nagle's Pedalboard with Eventide H9 and Space pedals

We recently caught up with Derya “Dez” Nagle of the band Good Tiger. In this video, he gives us a rundown of his compact but hefty guitar setup, featuring an H9 Max and Space going through a Mastermind pedalboard controller.

Bigger hall size on space pedal? (firmware change idea)



I have the space pedal and I love it!!

Having independant controls for "size" and "decay" is so crucial, something the Cathedral can't do.

Here is my issue. I love the "hall" setting, basically just preset #1.

I wish there was some way to dial the room size up to what would basically be 200-500, considering where 0 and 100 are currently.

Is there a way to do that? Black hole gives a much larger room sound, but it's a way different effect!

Two sub-mixers, one Space pedal


I am starting up a duo synth project with a friend, and we're each going to be working off of our own sub-mixers. While we'll have our own setups for the most part, I'd like to share one reverb for both of us. If I put a splitter on the input of an Eventide Space pedal, and send the aux output from both mixers into one input on the Space, is there any risk of damaging the pedal?

Using Octatrack to toggle Active/Bypass


Hello! I'm trying to use my Octatrack to toggle Active/Bypass on an Eventide Space pedal.

I'm using the program changes to change the preset, and so far as I know, the OT can only send one PC per pattern, so I can't use pattern changes to control Active/Bypass as well. (If anyone here is familiar with the OT and knows differently, please share!)

Space changes preset automatically




the preset on the 'High'-Poti changes automatically! I change it to, lets say 44 and then it jumps to 43 or 45 etc.


I tried to restore it but didn't work! Any help or ideas?

Alleged Issue With H9 MIDI Thru



I am currently researching and comparing MIDI controllers to use with my three Eventide H9 pedals.

And possibly, my two Factor series stomps, too.

During my research, I read something quite, quite alarming, on one of the MIDI pedal manufacturer's sites:

"Some devices have a MIDI output / thru but do not reliably pass incoming MIDI data – The Eventide Factor series and H9 are like this."

Simplest way to control three H9s and two Factor pedals



I want something so, so simple, but I am overwhelmed by possibilities and the sheer number of devices and methods for doing something that I think should be relatively easy to do. Here is my situation:

I want the best option possible, to control three H9s and two Factor pedals via MIDI.

I am mostly interested in program changes, so I want a device that I can build patches on, so I can instantly change all five devices, at once.

Send MIDI CC from Space Hotswitch to Toggle Bypass on PitchFactor?


Hi! I'm working on setting up my rig. I have a few patches on my Space which I'd like to use in conjuction with the PitchFactor. I have MIDI going out form the Space and into the PitchFactor. What I'd like to do is have it so that when I toggle the hotswitch on the Space it goes to a specific patch on the Pitchfactor and turns it on. When I hit the hotswitch again, it would turn it off. Is this achieveable? If so, how?


[HELP] Eventide Space "Not Updateable"


I installed the Eventide Direct Updater software to update my Eventide Space. However, I'm getting an error which states that my stompbox is "not updateable". Has anybody come across this error before?  My Eventide Space is plugged in via USB and I'm using Windows 10. My Space is not recognised by the EDU software and comes up as "Unknown" in the "Select Eventide Device" drop-down list.

Blackhole wins WIHO award!

In fact, the design, sound, and functionality make this an indispensable tools for professionals in audio engineering, post production, and even the project studio... Blackhole sat well in the mix and added exactly what was needed when deep space exploration was needed.

—James Linton,

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