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This is an entry from my personal blog (http://www.PriUPS.com/RIKLblog/dec06/061219-bd600-reject.htm ) that I’m adding here.  It’s an advertisement that never was.  And “Last Friday” was many, many Fridays past. Last Friday evening our…

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Eventide at NAMM 2015!

Thanks to all those who stopped by the Eventide NAMM booth. We had amazing performances and met some incredibly talented musicians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLZ-B8LxITA Things got pretty funky when George Clinton (center) stopped by…

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Limited edition 24k H9 Max

What’s better than a strawberry dipped in chocolate? An H9 dipped in gold! This is how the idea for our limited edition H9 Max came to be. After a surprisingly quick web…

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Explore Our 50th Flashback Series

Flashback #7.3: H949 Pt. 3
We continue the tale of the H949 Harmonizer by sharing stories from some its most devoted users and the classic albums it has appeared on.
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