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 Eventide does not support loading presets on a card from external locations.

You do this at your own risk.

 To share patches:

insert a CFCard in your Eclipse and save to it the patches you want

to share.

Insert your CFCard into the reader or the CFC>PCMCIA converter.

When you read the CFCard on your pc, you will find a PRG folder which

contains patches named like this:




PROG3 etc……….

You'll NOT find the names you gave to your patches on Eclipse.

Patches should be placed inside this folder!

Since ECLIPSE saves patches on the card starting from PATCH #500.

PROG0 is patch 500

PROG1 is patch 501

PROG2 is patch 502

PROG3 is patch 503 and so on….

on your card.

When downloading an Eclipse patch from the web, just move the

downloaded file into the open CFC reader folder, then take out the

card, insert it into Eclipse and load/save the patch.