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Hello again Italo,

Some more modblock strangeness. This time a little hard to pin down. I don't know if this is a beta issue or something I did, but I thought I'd report it anyway.

After installing beta3 and clearing the setup (this should return the unit to Factory fresh settings right?). I went to patch 115 St.Chorus and made some tweaks. I applied the modblock LFO to Delay 1&2. The patch worked fine.

Now here's the strange part. I saved the patch and moved to another patch. Then upon returning to my modified ST. CHorus patch, I noticed that the Delay 1&2 parameters were not modulating whenever there was a signal present. ie. The LFO stopped working when audio was detected at the inputs. It turns out that somehow, the Modblock LFO has it's RATE parameter being modulated by Follower#1.

So, stay with me here. The odd thing is that the original ST.Chorus does not have this modblock LFO RATE modulation, and I did not apply it myself. So where did it come from? Even wierder – when I loaded another patch (any patch infact), the SAME modulation was applied to the LFO RATE. My modblock setting is PROG, not GLOBAL, so this shouldn't happen.

Since I've removed that RATE modulation, the modblock has behaved as it should, and I haven't been able to reproduce it, but there was definately something strange going on, with the modblock behaving globally when it should be per program.

I hope you can follow this!

Rozz 🙂
Anyway, I've been unable to reproduce this bug (if it is indeed a bug and not user error), but if you notice anything odd in your modblock settings then maybe it's related.