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Thanks Italo!

The cables are brand new (Proel,Die-Hard)

(XLR Pins #1 & #3 to ?" Ground Connect XLR Pin #2 to ?" Tip. )

I don't have any pots in the serial loop for the FX Send.The send level is managed by the master out located in the preamp section of the amp (set at 70%).

The manual of my Diezel says that :"The individual channel volume controls determine the signal strength at the send jack.The range is -… to +10db.The output impedance is 4.7 kOhm"

I've tried to boost the gain level of my Eclipse,and i've set the master out level of my preamp channel to 90%… the meter show -7db,but the clean tone of the amp is distorted.Tongue Tied