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 Hi Mike

I believe there is some confused interpretation of the SysEx string info I sent you. On the other hand the info can be easuly interpreted as you tried. I understand.

Bytes 8 and 9 info is:

0x bank first digit
0x bank second digit

the "x" refers to hexadecimal numbering, not decimal.

In other words the number 51 (=your bank) is 33 in hex. So bytes 8 and 9 need to be

03   03

The 2 bytes split the bank number hex code. 

The whole string for bank 51 is then:

F0  1C  70  01  03  00  00  03  03  00  01  F7 

 Don't worry about the string length. It's fine here on my Orville (sorry I don't have a 7000).

Please try and let me know.

all the best