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      Thanks for the response on this topic!  I'm trying to get the DSP7000 to select the bank on the card…

      have tried your SysEx string on my DSP7000 many times, with many
      different variations, to no avail.  It also seems like a few bytes are

      the string to activate bypass, which I got to work, is:

      F0 1C 70 01 01 0F 0F 0F 0F 0F 0D 0F 0F F7

      But your sequence is (which I set up to choose bank 51)

      F0 1C 70 01 03 00 00 05 01 00 01 F7

      doesn't work…but there are two fewer bytes in it than the previous, working SysEx string, so I'm wondering if that's significant, or if I just screwed up the SysEx…

       Any help you could provide would be much appreciated!



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       Hi Mike

      I believe there is some confused interpretation of the SysEx string info I sent you. On the other hand the info can be easuly interpreted as you tried. I understand.

      Bytes 8 and 9 info is:

      0x bank first digit
      0x bank second digit

      the "x" refers to hexadecimal numbering, not decimal.

      In other words the number 51 (=your bank) is 33 in hex. So bytes 8 and 9 need to be

      03   03

      The 2 bytes split the bank number hex code. 

      The whole string for bank 51 is then:

      F0  1C  70  01  03  00  00  03  03  00  01  F7 

       Don't worry about the string length. It's fine here on my Orville (sorry I don't have a 7000).

      Please try and let me know.

      all the best


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      Right!  Sorry!  Forgot about the Hex nature of things.  Woops. 

      Your string worked perfectly, thanks.

      I really appreciate it.


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