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Hi Pala,

-When you purchase the Eclipse software update card from directly from us, this includes all of the software information required to update the OS of the unit with very little contribution from you. However, with the OS version that you state your Eclipse is on, V1.2, this is a very old version and will most likely require you to update the boot loader. Updating the boot loader will enable you to update the OS to the newer versions. However with the advent of our new website we no longer provide the boot loader to our customers, but I am currently looking into how we can assist you with this.

-In regard to the front panel tap button: you can certainly disable the front panel tap function by selecting; Setup>Tempo> and selecting the TAP SRC to "off". For more information on the tap tempo features and how you can work with them please review the "Altering the Effects" portion of the user manual. The manual is also available on the Eclipse Support page in .pdf format.
Also, feel free to additionally reach out to other Eclipse users for their input as to how they work the tempo function within their rig.