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Hi Teddy

1. The H8000 has 2 DSPs, thus 2 presets (identical or different ones) can be loaded and run at the same time. The number of FX is not necessarily the number of the presets. A Preset may contain several fx. There<are preets that use 6 or 8 I/Os to provide 3 or 4 stereo FX or even 2 stereo fx and 4 mono ones. The Presets Manual shows that.

To use the FX on single tracks you need to load or create a proper routing and load presets that offer FX indipendently for separate I/Os. You may also need Vsigfile editing to change existing presets or create new ones.

You can't load more than 2 presets to assign to different tracks. You'll need Vsig to possibly merge different presets in a larger one, when possible.

2. well…that's a question more related to your recording software and routing options. I'm sure it can be done…. just need to experiment w/your DAW. 

3. Currently Vsig uses a serial cable or a USB to Serial adapter+serial cable to communicate w/the H8000FW.

4. There is no other software tobuild algorithms. If you take your time w/Vsig you'll be greatly rewarded.

5. Ground loops are a complicate subject and may require a lot of work. The UPS may or may not solve your problem. Refer to a qualified technician for this. 

all the best