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      hi, excuse my english i'm french Big Smile,

      i have a h8000fw since a week.

      I have my connections like this :

      guitar (chanel a),  mic (channel b)-> chandler preamp TG2 -> h8000fw >– ADAT cable  in and out–> m-audio project mix -> cakewalk sonar -> master output -> 2 dynaudio BM12 speakers.

       I choose the routing patch "stereo dual" on the h8000fw, and it works good. I play my guitar and i sing and the guitar signal goes to "h8000 processor A" and voix signal goes to "h8000 processor B".

      1. When i record with sonar with this configuration, it records signals with the effects. it is normal.

      2. When i push the "bypass button" on the h8000 to record clean signal, and when i play the signals that are recorded and send the outputs of each track to the "adat return buses" (i think it's routing), it plays the signls with the efffects selected on the h8000 proc A et proc B. it is normal.


      there are my questions :

      1. Is it normal that in this routing system, there are only two effects (proc A and proc B of the h8000) can be applied the group of track ?

      How can i do like software plugins : ex : track 1  with the preset 3 of the h8000 (ex : chorus) – track 2 with preset 5 – track 4 with preset 9 track 7 with preset 10 ?

      In fact, How can i use multiple presets (not only 2 represented by each 2 processors) in same time ?

      2. When i record : Can i use effects when i play guitar for example but record the signal without effects (or the 2 : signal with and without effects) ?

      3. Can i do my presets via vsig and a firewire cable ?

      4 . Is there a software to do my presets more intuitive than vsig ?

      5. Last question (a little annex question Surprise) : i have a little buzz sound when i plug an audio material in my appartment, if i buy an UPS (in french "onduleur"), or this "" this sound can disapear ?

       The h8000fw seems to be good, but if someone can help me with these questions ?

      Thanks a lot…


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      Hi Teddy

      1. The H8000 has 2 DSPs, thus 2 presets (identical or different ones) can be loaded and run at the same time. The number of FX is not necessarily the number of the presets. A Preset may contain several fx. There<are preets that use 6 or 8 I/Os to provide 3 or 4 stereo FX or even 2 stereo fx and 4 mono ones. The Presets Manual shows that.

      To use the FX on single tracks you need to load or create a proper routing and load presets that offer FX indipendently for separate I/Os. You may also need Vsigfile editing to change existing presets or create new ones.

      You can't load more than 2 presets to assign to different tracks. You'll need Vsig to possibly merge different presets in a larger one, when possible.

      2. well…that's a question more related to your recording software and routing options. I'm sure it can be done…. just need to experiment w/your DAW. 

      3. Currently Vsig uses a serial cable or a USB to Serial adapter+serial cable to communicate w/the H8000FW.

      4. There is no other software tobuild algorithms. If you take your time w/Vsig you'll be greatly rewarded.

      5. Ground loops are a complicate subject and may require a lot of work. The UPS may or may not solve your problem. Refer to a qualified technician for this. 

      all the best

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      I use an adat cables in/out with the h800fw.

      If i understand your reply, i can load a preset  with 8 fxs in a processor, i can send in maximum 8 tracks in sonar, go to the h8000fw in a processor (A for example), and the result is each of my tracks are connected to an fx ? In this case, an fx is a channel (here a channel of each 8 adat channel) ?

       Is it right ?


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       Hi Teddy

      yes, that's a possible routing. There are not many 8 mono FX presets though; most are stereo, so you may end up with less than that. You can also have 8 stereo fx, 4 from DSP A and 4 from DSP B.

      all the best

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