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MIDI THRU is never supposed to send  MIDI generate code. This is sent thru the MIDI OUT. Some devices having only 2 MIDI connectors may offer a setting to configure the second MIDI port as OUT or THRU.

I suspect the device number is only related to the SysEx control of several connected Eventide units. It doesn't matter in Vsig.

In general we don't use MIDI and prefer the serial connection which I strongly advice you. It is much faster and won't get any data corruption as it may be possible in a series of connected MIDI devices.

MIDI Splitters are the best devices to keep units completely separated in a MIDI setup. But getting a serial cable will be much faster and cheaper anyway.

A request: could you please keep all postings on the same subject within a single post? That helps keeping things in a more coherent way and easier to refer to for everybody.

Ah, last but not least…there's a much newer Vsig version on the website. Please use this one and GetDatabase from the unit. Modules database should always be coming from the Eventide for perfect matching.

all the best