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Hello j20056

I'm using FCB1010 (with Uno firmware and FCB1010 PC Editor http://www.mtnsys.com/faq-fcb/PCEditorBeta.htm) with H7600 and other MIDI devices connected in chain (preamp, cubase remotes, other). I have no problem regarding channel configuration on each device – it works fine and H7600 responds only to its channel messages. But of course it receives whole MIDI stream just reacts to its channel messages and passes thru other .
However I'm also experiencing this phenomena of H7200 switching randomly to patch 12 (THRU) – it happens very rarely after selecting PROGRAM UP (PROGRAM DOWN from remote does not work at all 🙁 quite irritating for such high end equipment?). "Very rarely" – I mean ~4 times per month maximum, I can live with it, as its in studio, not live in my rig.

If you suspect one of your other devices in chain sends some messages on the H7600 channel – just unplug units one by one and check which of them is faulty.
And please check with the PC Editor or MidiOx if FCB1010 is relay configured correctly as original Behringer method is quite demanding.

Hope it helps a bit.