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you say:I was able to use a MIDI group starting at #70, and I can change CC
numbers from my MIDI controller to load program 524
, then set the
feedback to say 20% via CC #71, as it is the second parameter on the
first page" 

 It seems incorrect to me. You can't change CC numbers to load a preset.


 Using MIDI Groups you can ONLY control the parameters you see…you can't address parameters that are not visible on the display.

If you need to remote many parameters you may cosider the following:

-use Vsigfile Editor to build MIDI control within the preset.

-learn from the manual that you can highlight a parameter and press and hold the SELECT key to call a patching screen to remote that parameter.

My advice is that controlling dozens of parameters is not the way to go. You may consider the MIDI Virtual Racks preset where a single MIDI CC can control tons of things and check if those presets can do what you need.

all the best