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      If i use for instance preset #524, it has 2 pages of parameters on the screen.
      I was able to use a MIDI group starting at #70, and I can change CC numbers from my MIDI controller to load program 524, then set the feedback to say 20% via CC #71, as it is the second parameter on the first page. My question is: How do I sent CC numbers to parameters that are on the second page, where the delay amounts are?
      I'm trying to avoid having to save preset #524 10 times with different delay configurations. It would be much cleaner and easier to save such presets in my MIDI controller.
      So can this be done?

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      you say:I was able to use a MIDI group starting at #70, and I can change CC
      numbers from my MIDI controller to load program 524
      , then set the
      feedback to say 20% via CC #71, as it is the second parameter on the
      first page" 

       It seems incorrect to me. You can't change CC numbers to load a preset.


       Using MIDI Groups you can ONLY control the parameters you see…you can't address parameters that are not visible on the display.

      If you need to remote many parameters you may cosider the following:

      -use Vsigfile Editor to build MIDI control within the preset.

      -learn from the manual that you can highlight a parameter and press and hold the SELECT key to call a patching screen to remote that parameter.

      My advice is that controlling dozens of parameters is not the way to go. You may consider the MIDI Virtual Racks preset where a single MIDI CC can control tons of things and check if those presets can do what you need.

      all the best


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      What happens is that the FCB1010 can sent multiple MIDI messages when one of its 10 buttons is stomped on. All this can be done via a great PC Editor actually. The first message is a program change request, and another can be a CC #. So for instance, I have it setup to select program number 524, then send MIDI value 40 to CC# 71, which corresponds to the feedback about on this preset, or the second parameter on the first screen, given that my MIDI group starts at 70. For the sake of full description, my setup has another layer, as I use the FCB1010 to also control my SwitchBlade, which enables me to switch amps, preamps, and vintage stomp boxes as well, and program some expression pedals.

      I totally agree with you that I don't want to control dozens of parameters "live". But I do need to be able to set up as many as maybe ten parameters upon loading a program, otherwise, I'm "married" to whatever the H7600's factory preset's parameters are.
      My two options are therefore to either save a new preset, like 524_1, which would be exactly 524 algorithm, but with different parameter values (BTW, how do I do that?), or use 524 only, and set some parameters to different values via MIDI CC.
      I don't really mind learning how to do the first option, as I have a 512MB Flash Card in the unit, so plenty of room where to save new presets.

      I hope I explained my goal properly. Thanks for being so responsive BTW. Great to finally be an Eventide user.

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       I think you are making it too complex. MIDI groups are meant to be used with a desktop controller (MIDI faders) for studio work.

      Live playing is different. You can easily store as many different tweaks of any preset as you like. Storing your version is simpler than doing that.

      Please check the MIDI Virtual Racks presets. They offer unique and advanced features with extreme semplicity. They might perfect for you.


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      I'm checking Virtual racks right now. BTW, my setup is a studio setup, except I like to play "live" in my studio and change presets while playing.
      I have an M-Audio Oxygen8 MIDI controller that has a lot of options. Is this an example of what you refer to as a MIDI controller? I wouldnt mind using that then. Essentially, I'm trying to avoid having to use the cursor arrows one by one and the big Tide wheel to set all my values.

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       The Oxygen is an example of desktop MIDI controller. The point I made is about playing "live" vs. studio work. You can't really use faders while you play…even thoughI do ;-)))

      Yours is the choice. But having everything in the presets is a faster way for sure.

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