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 Hi Eugene

this is the Eventide support forum. We can only provide advice/support for your Eventide products.

Eclipse presets have a SEND parameter controlling input level to the FX. This can be patched to external controllers, MIDI or pedlas. I can only think of:

-a MIDI CC message is patched to this parameter and it mutes some presets?

-your rig isn't configured so that EACH unit is controlled on a dedicated MIDI channel? ANY MIDI OMNI setting should be turned to OFF in all units, including the pedalboard? Always use separate MIDI channels!

– MIDI chains can be weird sometimes. It's much better to run them on a parallel routing rather than daisy chain them on MIDI IN/MIDI THRU. A MIDI Split box helps this and makes commands faster.

We'd need more details on how the Eclipse is configured though.