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      I am running an eclipse, lexicon mpx, switchblade, and GCP, with a Boss FV500L connected to the GCP.   I have the eclipse running on MIDI channel 2 (both on the eclipse itself, and the GCP).  With a certain preset on the eclipse, I mapped an external to the global wet/dry.  This is preset 1 on the GCP.  On the GCP, for preset 1, I designated that the pedal will control the eclipse on midi channel 2.  It works fine, and controls the global wet/dry as expected.

      However, with another preset on the GCP (and corresponding eclipse), I turned the FV500 "off" in the GCP (you can do this).  Yet, when I select this preset on the GCP, and move the FV500 a bit, it completely mutes all signal, to the point that there is no way to get any volume, and I must reboot the system.  I have no clue what is going on here.  I checked the eclipse levels, and none of them are effected, so I am not sure why the signal is shorting out.  

      Another weird occurence is that when I do press the FV500, the Lexicon shows a midi signal input.  Since the pedal is turned off in the GCP, there should be no midi being transmitted.  

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       Hi Eugene

      this is the Eventide support forum. We can only provide advice/support for your Eventide products.

      Eclipse presets have a SEND parameter controlling input level to the FX. This can be patched to external controllers, MIDI or pedlas. I can only think of:

      -a MIDI CC message is patched to this parameter and it mutes some presets?

      -your rig isn't configured so that EACH unit is controlled on a dedicated MIDI channel? ANY MIDI OMNI setting should be turned to OFF in all units, including the pedalboard? Always use separate MIDI channels!

      – MIDI chains can be weird sometimes. It's much better to run them on a parallel routing rather than daisy chain them on MIDI IN/MIDI THRU. A MIDI Split box helps this and makes commands faster.

      We'd need more details on how the Eclipse is configured though.


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      Sounds like a problem with the GCP. Call Voodoo Lab. They have great customer service.

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