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 Hi Prot

yes we know about the Next/Prev Prog bug. The THRU preset loading could be a consequence of the same problem. We haven't forgotten the H7600 at all. Fact is that a lot of different on going works are keeping us very busy at the moment. This bug on 7600 is not a critical one as MIDI can be used, as most people do.

SRC is a system parameter so it'll stay as you set it until you change it again.

My point about getting an H8000 over a 7600 is related to the specific questions users ask, not about its quality or features. If somebody needs stereo looping and processing, he needs an H8000, as an example.

The H7600 remains the most powerful stereo FX unit on the planet and will cover all stereo fx needs possible in a very efficient way…. but considering that less than 40% price difference between the 2 units provides more than double DSP power and 4 times I/Os, we can see that a lot of people may be willing to consider the purchase of the flagship unit anyway. 

Be assured we will take care of the problem.

all the best